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Zabi Rehman

Innovation Studio,
London Stock Exchange

"foreva's ability to profile, target and engage is distinct in comparison with available enterprise tools such as Slack and Teams. Seems ideal for facilitating employee engagement and to enable community driven innovation at enterprises. Most of all, I love the pricing model." 


Shweta Singla

Resource Allocation, United Way

"foreva is a fabulous tool for any organization seeking to work at scale with communities and clients. It not only addresses revenue growth but also helps drive efficiencies in business." 

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Kiran Sathvik

Head of Strategy & Growth

at a Multinational Consulting Brand

"We are in unprecedented times with very limited social capital built within enterprise communities or among like-minded people. Meaningful unstructured conversations are dwindling and we are almost always speaking to an agenda with very little scope for exploration and discovery. foreva is one such platform that in my opinion is attempting and stands to succeed in creating vibrant, meaningful connected communities." 


Sheela Menon

The Teacher Foundation

"The Teacher Foundation in association with foreva is creating an online Learning Community of teachers from across the country. This platform will encourage peer engagement and learning, sharing of resources and meaningful networking amongst the teachers. The App is very user friendly too." 

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Co-founder, CLAN

"foreva is ideal for facilitating engagement among large communities. Our vision is to build the largest community of higher education students from across the country, on a single platform. foreva is helping us execute

this vision." 


Mohan Ramanathan

Rotary India

"In addition to creating engagement among large communities, the platform can connect many members of a group for chat, collaboration and sharing information. Currently many of us are trying to use WhatsApp for this. The solution provided by WhatsApp is limited for many reasons including documents storage, creating sub groups, filtering content, personalization, etc."

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Shamita Chatterjee

Human resources leader at a large IT multinational. 

"foreva is able to bring people together on common interests and enables customisation of those interest areas - and communities come together on precisely that!"


Durga B 

Technology Leader at a Software Enterprise

"I liked the user-friendly and intuitive design and feel that in the context of employee engagement where I could envisage its usage, it can be very useful in eliciting responses, managing campaigns, discovering & sharing ideas, etc." 

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Lovelina B

Wings Events

"We needed a platform to manage event communities. The true power of community is that it delivers the benefits in a relational, not transactional, manner. foreva gives the flexibility needed to easily pivot between virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

It can help us plan and execute events on one platform, promote peer-to-peer networking and facilate collaboration among stakeholders using built-in interactive tools.


Arun Kumar

Consultant - KA Govt.

"It is ideally suited for large community development. I feel there is an opportunity at all Gram Panchayat, Wards, MLA constituencies to ensure overall community engagement and engagement with Govt. officials, vendors, etc." 

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